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Abia Energy is my lifeline this morning! It has taken me from falling asleep at my desk to awake, alert, and productive.

Angela C.

Abia Weight Loss and Abia Energy is just what I needed! Not only does it suppress my appetite and give me energy, but I lost 7 pounds in one week!

Ray B.

OMG, I love these red and black energy pills. They work!

Tammy R.

I take the Abia Weight Loss and Abia Energy Combo. The Abia Energy sustains me all day and gives me energy to do things that I wouldn’t normally be able to do. The Abia Weight Loss decreases my appetite tremendously. Most days I eat a small breakfast and lunch and I am still full at dinner time. I recommend this product to anyone looking to lose 5 pounds or even 100 pounds. The Abia Weight Loss and Abia Energy Combo works!

Michael R.

In years past I’ve been able to drop weight whenever I felt it was needed, however the closer I get to 40 I have found that this is no longer the case. I recently weighed in at 201 lbs. (the mark I refuse to go over is 200lbs.) so I started a diet. In years past I could start drinking water and walk and lose 10lbs in 7-10 days…-NOT THIS TIME-. 2 weeks into my diet I had lost only 3 lbs. and I was starving myself to death, this wasn’t working. I started Abia Weight Loss on 08/14/2015 and as of 09/15/2015 I weigh 184.2. 14 pounds in 1 month! I feel great! Thanks to Abia Health for helping me achieve this weight loss.

Samuel W.

As a night shift nurse, I barely have enough energy to make it through the 12 hour shift on my own with coffee. After 1 dose of Abia Energy I was able to accomplish all tasks, be more focused, and somehow come home and clean my house AFTER working 12 hours, with zero jitters. I was able to achieve so much more than normal.

Molly S.
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